We teamed up with Seattle pro goalkeeper and two-time champion Stefan Frei, now a Novo Fogo partner, to create a program that promotes rainforest preservation through cocktails, soccer, and art.

Shots saved as of May 13, 2022

To the Un-Endangered Forest project in 2022

Shots saved in the 2021 season

To The Un-Endangered Forest project in 2021

The TREE-KEEPER™ program supports Novo Fogo’s reforestation project named The Un-Endangered Forest, which seeks to remove 36 species of native Brazilian trees from the threatened list. For each save recorded by Frei or his replacements during the 2021 professional soccer season, Novo Fogo will contribute $100 to The Un-Endangered Forest project.

Off the soccer field, Frei is an artist and an appreciator of Brazil’s national cocktail, so we set to raise awareness for the TREE-KEEPER™ project by developing a custom packaging series for two Novo Fogo caipirinha products. Frei developed original artwork based on the inspiring landscapes and community of Morretes, Novo Fogo’s home base in the Atlantic Forest of coastal Brazil; his colorful artwork acts as a mural of natural scenery, wrapped around the packaging boxes for two products:


These products are available now for online pre-sale while they are in transit to states where retail stores can ship them to you. 

The Brazilian Caipirinha Kit (SRP $29.99) – includes a Novo Fogo Silver 750ml bottle, certified 100% organic by the USDA, two custom 10-oz jars, and a custom muddler, plus recipes and stories.

The Sparkling Caipirinha Tropical Variety 6-pack (SRP $14.99) – includes “toucans” (two cans) of each of the Lime, Mango, and Passion Fruit flavored cocktails (8.2% – 8.5% ABV, 128 – 135 calories, 10 – 11 g of carbs).

Support TREE-KEEPER™ With A Give and Go Cocktail

We contribute $3 per case to support The Un-Endangered Forest project to save rare trees in Brazil.

The Give and Go cocktail originated from a unique collaboration between TREE-KEEPER™ team captain Stefan Frei and Seattle bartender Adam Way to feature in Shaker & Spoon’s cocktail subscription box all about cachaça.

One of Stefan’s favorite cachaça drinks is a Brazilian Old Fashioned made with honey and chocolate bitters. Adam translated the simple formula of spirit + sweetener + bitters into a bespoke cocktail for Shaker & Spoon, featuring Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça, first-flush darjeeling syrup, earl grey bitters, chai bitters, and lemon oil. From the Atlantic Rainforest of southern Brazil to the soccer fields and cocktail bars in the Pacific Northwest, the Give and Go cocktail traveled far to bring people together.

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Seattle pro goalkeeper Stefan Frei

Instagram: @TheRealStefan24Frei

Seattle bartender Adam Way

Instagram: @CocktailsByAdam