Graciosa is a reflection of our love for the rainforest and the historic road that crosses it on its way from the mountains to the ocean. This expression is aged for 2 years in repurposed oak and finished for 18 months in castanheira do Pará (Brazil nut) barrels, lending it a vibrantly aromatic yet creamy disposition: starting with pecan and orchids on the nose, the palate morphs into cherry custard and finishes with pleasant notes of soft clove and anise.

750 ml | 42% ABV


Suggestions for Sipping Graciosa

Graciosa Boilermaker

OK fair enough, this isn’t a cocktail recipe as much as it’s a suggestion for simplicity. We think that Graciosa has so much character and nuance that the cachaça can be enjoyed alone, or in this case, with a friend: pair Graciosa with a malty beer, like nut brown ale, for a satisfying boilermaker.

St. John Cocktail

2 oz Novo Fogo Graciosa
0.5 oz nocino (walnut liqueur)
2 dashes Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters

Stir ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Why the name? (Grah-zee-oh-zah)

Our Graciosa Two-Woods expression is named after a historic road that links the state’s capital city of Curitiba with the coast. From 1721 until 1954, Estrada da Graciosa was the only paved interstate road in Paraná, and it served as an important route for people and agricultural goods like coffee, erva-mate, and lumber to reach the sea port of Paranaguá. Today, the winding Estrada da Graciosa snakes through the largest protected patch of Atlantic Rainforest, which UNESCO has declared a protected Biosphere Reserve. As you meander down mountain road, past waterfalls and under gargantuan trees, you might see a family of capuchin monkeys, brightly-colored parrots, or perhaps a slow-moving anteater, refreshing reminders that we are mere visitors in their jungle home.

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