Novo Fogo’s Newest RTD Cocktail

The Brazilian Old Fashioned Highball

The World’s First Aged Cachaça RTD Cocktail

Core Spirits


BAR STRENGTH Silver Cachaça

More volume.
Higher proof.
Better ergonomics.

Silver Cachaça

Rested in stainless steel tanks


1 year in American oak

Barrel-Aged Cachaça

2 years in American oak

Prepare your tastebuds!

Discover our three canned and carbonated twists on the Caipirinha with 100% natural ingredients.


Silver Cachaça with lime and sugar

Passion Fruit

Silver Cachaça with passion fruit syrup and lime


Silver Cachaça with mango syrup and lime

Two-Woods Series

American oak + Brazilian woods


American oak + zebrawood


American oak + Brazil nut wood


American oak + Brazilian teak

Novo Fogo Cachaça Kits

Caipirinha Kit

Cachaça. Muddler. Two jars. Now you’re prepared.

Cocktail Kits

Make your own Brazilian Old Fashioned.

Single-Barrel Cachaças

Rare and limited expressions aged in repurposed American oak bourbon barrels.

Single Barrel 61

aged for 1 year | 2016 release

Single Barrel 79

aged for 1 year | 2017 release

Single Barrel 33

aged for 3 years | 2016 release

Single Barrel 85

aged for 3 years | 2016 release

Single Barrel 207

aged for 2 years | 2016 release

Single Barrel 136

aged for 5 years | 2016 release

Novo Fogo Cachaça Shirts

Novo Fogo T-Shirt

You’ll never misplace the recipe for a Caipirinha while wearing this super soft T-shirt. Proceeds go to support The Un-Endangered Forest project. Read more about our project to save 36 species of Brazilian trees here.