Novo Fogo Organic Cachaça


rum’s older Brazilian cousin

Prepare to find your own Brazilian Zen.

NEW: More volume. Higher proof. Improved ergonomics. Truly carbon neutral. Better cocktails.

Our tropical twist on America’s original cocktail

The TREE-KEEPER program with pro goalkeeper Stefan Frei.

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Our Sparkling Caipirinha canned cocktails are made with the same USDA-certified 100% organic Silver Cachaça that we bottle. We think high-quality cachaça belongs in your fresh AND ready-to-drink cocktails alike! ...

Novo Fogo Organic Cachaça teamed up with Seattle pro goalkeeper and four-time champion Stefan Frei, now a Novo Fogo partner, to create a program that promotes rainforest conservation through cocktails, soccer, and art.

Watch how Stefan finds balance between soccer and art, and how he creates the artwork behind Novo Fogo’s Tree-Keeper program. Learn more at in the link in bio.

Shout-out to @aschwartz02 for the stellar video production.