"Last night we drank, so today we sweat."

In the liquor industry, we are surrounded by long and unusual schedules, endless temptations, and physical strain on our bodies. The Novo Fogo Sweat Sessions are health and fitness events for the bar industry that balance this reality. We’ll work with you and your industry colleagues to find a fitness activity that fits your bartending community, help coordinate an event, provide jerseys and other equipment, and we’ll even sponsor all or part of your activity fees. Indoor soccer? Yoga? Softball? Running? We’ll support anything that helps you find the balance. Let’s start a dialogue.

Calling all balanced bartenders

We know that bartenders are talented professionals. But those who have talents and passions outside of the bar find that they can also have a longer career behind the bar. Why? It’s simple: inner balance helps with personal sustainability. So that is why we want to seek out multi-talented bartenders and film a short video documentary about their passion. They are role models, and that’s why we want to tell their stories. Know a Balanced Bartender? Please introduce us.